Spring Cleaning Caulfield


Spring Cleaning in Caulfield

The sun is shining so bright! It’s the same time again. The air is warming up, leaves are falling, and leaves are turning green. It’s the time of the year to clean your house before it gets messier than ever with dust and dirt.

Time to deep clean and feel freshen up. So let the spring bring in some fresh air and moisture, and you tidy up by booking with us. We talked about everything you would vouch for, like air vents, confronting dreaded ovens, curtains, cushions, and parts of the kitchen. It’s everything in and out.

Spring cleaning is done 360 degrees. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the foyer area, the balcony, you name it, and we clean it. With the change in season, a change in cleaning requirements is also a must. So do the spring and enjoy the season with lot more freshness and spring blossoms.

Here we share some general tips you can try yourself before you book us – Our customer’s interests and choices are valuable for us.
  1. Be aware of the toxic air and smells around – Many are chronically affected by allergies and pollens. Make sure you are wearing a mask or covering your face with a piece of cloth before you wipe up the surfaces. You may be sensitive to some fragrances. Try using plant-based or non-toxic products which are eco-friendly to wipe out the dirt on surfaces. Avoid dusting, instead focus on wiping or cleaning with a damp cloth to avoid further contact with dust and dirt getting into your nostrils. Apply saline water if breathing heavy.
  2. Invest in good cleaning products – Let the products do the hard work. Choose good quality cleaning products to reduce the efforts of cleaning. Read the instructions, use the only required amount of product, don’t overdo. Cleaning products may need some time to work; leave them to show results and then wipe them off.
  3. Fix a pattern, starting clockwise from the door – Yes, fixing a pattern shall help you understand all the areas and cover them up. Start with the walls, then surfaces, and end it with furniture.
  4. Re-organize to feel better – Organising things as per the season and its requirements are the best way to feel the change. Getting the immediate products out for the season, playing around with the color tones, and rearranging the furniture as per the airflow keep you motivated throughout the season. Let the essential oils come into play for the spring. Apply it onto your lampshades so that it spreads evenly in the area, leaving a warm and pleasant fragrance.
  5. Involve your family – Spring is the best time to engage in activities together, involve the family in household chores and arrangements.

Work on sustainable products, make a list, allot duties to each one, and ensure the task list is checked at the end of the day.

Here are some amazing five times that you can utilize and implement for spring cleaning DIY before or after the professional cleaning.

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