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We are a professional shower cleaning company based in Melbourne. Our motto is to provide you with one of the best bathroom cleaning services in Melbourne. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable cleaning service, look no further.

Our professional team of cleaners will make sure your shower looks sparkling clean. Use our steam cleaning service today and get rid of all dirt, grime and water stains from your shower floor. Call our shower cleaning company today on 0491 619 381 to book our professional service.

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Professional bathroom shower cleaning Melbourne

Showers can develop grout and hardened caulk over time, which can cause cracks and holes, allowing mildew and mould to grow in them. If the dweller or property owners do not maintain this, they could dramatically decrease the life expectancy of the shower. It can be very difficult to clean grout and caulk on your own, especially if you are not trained in this line of work. If the build-up is too bad or is made up of solidified soap scum, then it might require more than just a simple squeegee

Showers become dirty over time because of the soap, hair products, dirt and debris that are left on the floor. The grout between tiles can also become stained or porous over time, which can lead to potential mould. This is why it is necessary to have your shower professionally cleaned every 6 months in order for it to stay looking pristine.

If you rent a property and wish to perform end of lease cleaning services, then one of the main things that property owners look at is the shower and bathroom condition. Cleaning the shower and bathroom is often one of the most tedious tasks, which is why it is important to hire a professional cleaning company that specialises in this area.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable steam or general bathroom or shower cleaning service provider in Melbourne, then look no further. We provide our clients with a complete range of bathroom cleaning services. Our cleaners have years of experience in this line of work and know, how to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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Let us give your bathroom an amazing look. We are one of the leading cleaning services providers in Melbourne. Our cleaners are well trained to provide you with professional, affordable and reliable service.

We offer a complete range of general bathroom cleaning services in Melbourne including dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping and other cleaning processes. Our team will diligently work on your bathroom and provide you with complete satisfaction.

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How often should you have your shower cleaned professionally?

Ideally, the shower should be cleaned every six months, however, this can vary based on various factors such as:

  • Number of people inhabiting the house;
  • Size of the house;
  • Whether pets live there;
  • Usage of the showers per day;
  • The kind of soap used in the shower, if any.

What is involved in shower cleaning?

The following are the steps involved in shower cleaning:

  • Vacuuming – of dirt, debris and loose particles;
  • Scrubbing of grout using a specialised brush or similar tool;
  • Wash tiles with vinegar solution to remove soap scum and mould;
  • Curtain, floor and walls need to be clean too apart from the tiles;
  • Clean grout and caulk;
  • Glass shower door cleaning
  • Rinsing the showerhead
  • Shower screen cleaning
  • Polish the faucets.

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