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Here at Absolute Bond Back cleaning services, St Kilda, we give a 100% bond back guarantee. While you vacate your house, it is essential to clean top to bottom, and you must follow the asked checklist of the real estate agent; also, please the house owner to get your bond back. During relocating the house, you need to be sure about the cleaning done in the last place. Don’t worry and become impatient. We are there to guide you and fix things for you. There are several other tasks to be accomplished that cleaning gets compromised. However, now you can take a step back and let the hands of cleaners do the actions for you. Book our services and be assured of a perfect cleaning service done at the end. Hiring professional cleaners makes your life easier and better to focus on the other essential tasks. There are certain vital spots in the corners, and otherwise, those get neglected, and hiring a professional helps you sort these worries. End of lease or Bond back, whatever you call it, requires a perfect job done. We at Absolute Bond Back cleaning services are reliable, trustworthy, and assured for you to get it done perfectly.

Checklist for end of lease cleaning services:

Living Area and Hallway

  • Vacuum and mopping the floors

  • Cleaning soft furnishing

  • Cleaning doors, handles, nobs, and surfaces

  • Cleaning all surface areas

  • Cleaning plug points, switches

  • Cleaning banisters and railings, if any

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Cleaning mirrors, if any

  • Spot cleaning

  • Ceiling, Walls, and ground surfaces


  • Cleaning interiors and exteriors of cabinets

  • Cleaning drawers

  • Cleaning stoves, hob, range hood, grill

  • Cleaning oven

  • Cleaning refrigerator

  • Cleaning all power points

  • Cleaning countertops and surfaces

  • Vacuum and mopping the floor

Bathroom and Laundry

  • Remove debris, dirt, cobwebs

  • Cleaning and polishing taps

  • Cleaning and scrubbing tiles

  • Sanitise toilet, sink, and bath

  • Cleaning door, frames, walls

  • Cleaning cloth dryer

  • Mopping and sweeping the floor

  • Cleaning laundry basin

What is the benefit of booking with us?

  • Competitive low price

  • 100% bond back assurance

  • Nature-friendly products usage

  • Proper paperwork

  • Insured and checked cleaners/professionals

  • Easy interface/communication

  • Reliable and trustworthy

End of lease cleaning services in St Kilda give a 100% bond back guarantee. During vacating the house, you must be sure to impress the owner to get the bond back, and we at Absolute exactly do that with our best service and attention to detail. Make sure you get/give us the checklist from your real estate so that if any changes are required, we can customize it accordingly. It is crucial to communicate well during the initial phase of booking and scheduling the services. If you live in St. Kilda, call us on 0491 619 381 or visit our page and book our cleaning services with ease.

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