Office Cleaning Carnegie

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Office cleaning in Carnegie

Your small business or office, or commercial space is the next place after your home that needs to look amazing and give out a positive attitude. Office spaces should be kept clean, neat and pleasant, looking for your employees to feel healthy, happy and energetic.

Make sure your office place is spotless. Calling professionals can help you clean the space well, get rid of dirt and debris, getting clear of dust and more. Our passionate office cleaners will handle this task and leave it to look fabulous, and make it neater and cleaner than ever. Office cleaning helps you cut down on germs, ultimately giving a healthy environment and happy employees.

Why You Should Book Office Cleaning Services With Us?

  • We are professionals with industry experience.
  • We keep transparent pricing.
  • We take responsibility for our work.
  • We serve weekly, monthly, quarterly and fortnight.
  • We take bookings for services on weekends as well (if that’s the requirement and as per availability)
  • Hassle-free and easy booking process. Books in 60 secs.
  • We have passionate and dedicated staff and janitors.
  • We have bonded and insured staff.


What does an office cleaning service entail?

We provide customised services as per client’s needs and also give suggestions on what should work well as per their reasoning. The areas we cover that are included in Commercial cleaning services are as given below:

Cabin, Work area, Cubicle and small cabins.

  • Wiping and cleaning of floors
  • Dusting and wiping everything in the room
  • Air freshening
  • Shining and polishing the areas where required
  • Wiping mirrors
  • Wiping glass and frames, if any
  • Wiping and cleaning door handles and knobs
  • Wiping switches


Reception area, lobby room and boardroom

  • Wiping door handles
  • Wiping and cleaning cabinets if any
  • Mopping and cleaning the floor
  • Wiping and cleaning glass and frames and tables, if any
  • Dusting and wiping reachable areas


Kitchen and pantry areas

  • Washing and scrubbing the sink
  • Washing and cleaning the tiles
  • Washing cabinets from outside
  • Cleaning and wiping cabinets and appliances
  • Cleaning countertops
  • Mopping the floor
  • Wiping the door handles and knobs
  • Wiping mirrors and glass surfaces


Bathrooms / Washrooms

  • Wiping door handles and knobs
  • Mopping and cleaning floors
  • Dusting, cleaning and wiping all reachable surfaces
  • Washing and sanitising the toilet
  • Wiping the mirror and glass fixtures

If there are any additional or specific requirements than what is mentioned above, then we suggest a customisable plan. You can call us and share your demand, get involved and get the best quote.

Wherever you want, we are there. Our company Absolute Bond Back services work around various locations and around Melbourne, Australia. This service is for the Carnegie area. For more areas and to know where we deliver, check our services page. If you run a commercial business and want your office to be cleaned, then do not hesitate. Go ahead! We want to hear from you! Get in touch!

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