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Why is Carpet Cleaning so important?

You agree, or no Carpet on the floor attracts the most amount of dirt and dust. Imagine guests at your home who come from outside, your children playing in the garden and then bringing in the same footprints on the carpet, the window which is beside the carpet. Carpet is the major part of your living area, especially when you accumulate tons of dirt and dust. These bacteria, fungus, tar, stain, smoke, and germs all sit deep inside the carpet layers. If you try to clean the carpet the traditional way at home, only the upper surface is cleaned, and the rest is untouched. It isn’t easy to clean it efficiently from within.

Majorly these problems might occur if you try to clean it yourself:

  • Muscles sprain
  • Detergent stains on the carpet
  • Not using proper methods
  • Fail to dry it completely
  • Use too much water on the carpet than necessary
  • Fail to get rid of the detergent completely.

Benefits of booking carpet cleaning services with Absolute Bond Back Cleaning:

Your home should be clean and neat, giving you a cozy vibe. Your home is your personality that reflects.
  1. Sustainability– A well-maintained carpet can run you longer. A carpet is always associated with luxury, brand and dignity. Carpet plays multiple roles like giving warmth in winters, reducing noise around, giving relaxation to your feet, creating a base for your essential things in the living room, aesthetically giving a look and creating a vibe for the room. Do not wait. Book your professional services here
  2. Improving Air Quality -The dust and dirt penetrate deep inside, causing problems in breathing and sleeping. Poor air quality inside brings in bad health, allergens and pollens and distracts the flow of activities. People suffering from asthma and bronchitis often get attacks due to dirt and dust in the carpet. They feel instant relief once the cleaning of the carpet is done. A healthier, happier looking family looks much better than an unhealthy and sad.
  3. Prevent Mould Growth – Exposure to humidity and moisture causes more problems in carpet mould development. The moisture often settles inside the carpet making it soggy and smelly. It should be dried properly if not vacuumed.

Now let’s look at types of carpet cleaning:

  1. Dry Cleaning –An absorbent is used to get rid of the soil in the carpet, and it is kept for 10 minutes to soak in. This absorbent is then vacuumed and leaves the carpet spotless.
  2. Dry Foam Method –This Dry foaming method includes 90% air and 10%liquid to create the foam. The liquid is first whipped into a foam generator. The application is applied and then vacuumed to give amazing results.
  3. Carpet Shampooing –This is often misleading with the dry foaming method, but they both are different. It’s one of the ancient methods of implementation. The foamy liquid helps in getting rid of dirt and debris stuck on the carpet.
  4. Wet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning –Steam Cleaning involves making it clean and fresh.
Types of cleaning services we provide in Bentleigh:
    • House Cleaning Bentleigh
    • End of Lease Cleaning Bentleigh
    • Office Cleaning Bentleigh
    • Window Cleaning Bentleigh
    • Spring Cleaning Bentleigh
    • After Builders Cleaning Bentleigh